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    Plug & Play
    3 Phase Power!

    Smart. Affordable. Clean.

    Technology that simply works!

    NO installation hassle
    NO maintenance
    NO fuel and NO noise





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  • About Us

    TRiiiON empowers rural agribusinesses with solid 3 phase power

    Trading Notice

    In Feb 2022, the business & assets of TRiiiON Holdings PTY LTD were acquired by NewTRiii Energy PTY LTD.


    NewTRiii Energy (continue t/a TRiiiON™) is identifying ways to restructure and re-capitalise the business.


    Please bear with us while we are working to bring back to market, TRiiiON's innovative technologies and products.



    Maximum value, centred around your needs

    TRiiiON is an agri-tech electrical engineering company, that develops and distributes innovative single to 3 phase power converters.

    We aim to help agribusinesses to grow around a stable, clean and cost-effective energy supply. Our patent-protected technology is a result of accumulated research and development process of over 5 years. But our pride is for our products, that allow you to grow your business.

    TRiiiON - Volt meter

    Smart energy solutions that support growth

    TRiiiON converters are arguably the only grid compliant solution to date. It means you only need to plug them in at the farm-gate, to get a stable, efficient and effective 3 phase power supply. TRiiiON scale up with your business, offering converters from 15KW up to 200KW. Remaining clean, quiet and easy to run, all the way.

  • Features you'd appreciate

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    Uninterrupted, Seamless 3 phase Supply

    The only grid compliant solution to date, our converters supply a continuous, reliable and cost-effective 3 phase power supply. At all times!

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    Cost-effective and scalable

    TRiiiON converters allow for the highest production capacity and performance.
    We scale up with your business, from 15KW up to 200KW.

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    As easy as Plug & Play

    Unlike generators or any other power conversion solution, TRiiiON converters are a self-sustained and zero-integration devices.

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    Connects to any power source

    Be it a single phase grid or your self generated wind or solar off-grid supply, TRiiiON plugs in and generate a smooth

    3 phase source from any single-phase source.

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    Clean. Fuel-less. Long-lasting

    The advanced technology of our converters allows for a long-lasting operation. No waste is generated and environment benefits from a quiet and clean energy device.

  • Why 3 phase power ?

    Compared to single phase, 3 phase power supply allows your business to grow. Here's why

    Up to 70% Off

    Setup Costs

    Up to 40% Off

    Production Costs

    Equipment Over 10hp

    3 phase is a must!

  • We keep our technology
    simple and reliable

    1 phase in. 3 phase out. It's that simple!

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    At farm gate, TRiiiON converters plug into any existing single phase input from any source: grid, wind, solar or batteries and construct an additional two phases internally. Using a patented, unique technology, this allows for a firm, stable and uninterrupted 3 phase power supply, with a clean and sustainable solution.

  • Do you get enough electric power?

    If you're a normal agribusiness in Australia, you're probably struggling to have a sustainable flow of energy. Take our survey and learn how fluent 3 phase supply is accessible for you!

  • Our people

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    Shai Kindler


    With over 25 years of hi-tech experience, in management and strategic positions for National Australia Bank, IBM, Goldman Sachs, and AMDOCS, to name a few, Shai runs the company's growth and market strategy and takes care of the business in Australia and beyond. "We are motivated to empower agribusiness growth with smart energy solutions!"
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    At TRiiiON we deal with energy, but the best power comes from you!
    Drop us a line. Share your interest. We'll be happy to talk.

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