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TRiiiON runs essential night loads for Opal Creek Feedlot

Lowering cost and pollution by relieving diesel generators

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A TRiiiON 60 unit was integrated by Gordyn & Palmer as part of an overall electrical, automation and communication solution for Opal Creek Feedlot. Over the course of two years, the site and supporting infrastructure was upgraded to enable growth of cattle heads from 7,000 to 30,000 (with more planned in the future) with TRiiiON going live in August 2017.

With an operational area of two square kilometres - in the middle of a Southern Queensland state forest - the challenging project needed to support many areas including: offices/weighbridge, feed mill and processing, six cattle processing areas, as well as water processing and delivery.

A Genius feedmill control system was implemented, enabling fully integrated and automated management of the feedlot including feed delivery using GPS enabled wireless tablets, individual and group cattle management, animal health history and real-time reporting.

Over 50 motors are being managed by an intelligent Control Centre and fed via two main switchboards supplied from synchronised diesel generators and a TRiiiON converted SWER line.

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Image - intelligent Control Centre

The SWER line could not support the large plant’s energy demand on its own, thus 2 x 620KVA and 1 x 125 KVA generators were installed and synchronised. A TRiiiON 60 unit was integrated to convert the available SWER supply to three-phase, at times when load requirements were less than generator capacity.

This has resulted in substantial savings in fuel and operational costs, and a reduction in environmental impact. The TRiiiON-converted supply allowed for the operation of standard three-phase pumps and equipment during times that the generators were not cost effective.

At night, essential loads like pumps, management & control systems and air-conditioning operate via TRiiiON. In the early morning the system will auto-start the 125 KVA generator followed later by synchronised smooth transition to the 620Kva, bringing the full processing plant on-line.

The plant, as well as the generators, shut down at the end of processing, with operation reverting back to the TRiiiON three-phase converted SWER supply only. Traditionally, such a site would require generators running 24 hours a day, regardless of load requirements.

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