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With Microsoft at ConnectExpo 2016

On April 20th 2016, TRiiiON showcased our innovative technology under the Microsoft banner at ConnectExpo ( in Melbourne.

We’re proud to be early adopters of Microsoft’s IoT Hub (Internet of Things), which has been integrated into our converters to deliver remote monitoring and alerting, in conjunction with our partner, Software Objectives (

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From left - Geoff Schaller, Martina Broder, Shai Kindler

In order to support stable and uninterrupted farm operations, our units integrate several layers of resiliency elements, including redundant power modules and a back-up battery for the control board. IoT integration allows for the monitoring of these elements which are then relayed to a portal in real-time.

Redundant power modules in the TRiiiON units will continue to operate if a module fails. The loss of a module initiates an alert to be sent to a qualified support electrician, who can then replace the module safely while the unit is operational without causing downtime.

An internal back-up battery will power the control board in case of blackout due to grid failure. The battery will allow the unit to signal for power to be switched over to a back-up generator until grid electricity has been restored.

The remote monitoring and alerting feature via Microsoft IoT Hub will enable customers and support staff to securely log into a dedicated portal, and view current and historic data as well as status updates and alerts. The TRiiiON team is currently working on adding features, as well as an SMS service for alerts.

The Expo enabled great exposure and generated a lot of interest, both for TRiiiON core technology as well as IoT integration. We will follow up on leads generated in the coming weeks and will look to strengthen our cooperation with Microsoft to enable more functionality for our customers.

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