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New production and offices facilities now open

...and we're on!

Today, April 4th 2016, TRiiiON, a new clean-tech company, celebrated the formal opening of a production line and offices in Hallam, Victoria. We are so proud to fix our logo to the office's front wall.

TRiiiON is sharing the premises with Gordyn & Palmer (, and leveraging their 35 years of expertise in automation systems & electrical engineering as a prime partner for manufacturing, installation and support services.

TRiiiON Sign Ceremony 04Apr2016

Image (from left - Shai Kindler, Terry Hickey, Samuel Steinberg)

TRiiiON is proud to be Australian made, owned and patented technology (Australia, NZ, USA, and others) with all research & development and operations being carried out locally in Victoria.

We had the TRiiiON management team and family members with us, together with the G&P team, as we raised a toast to the new initiative and shared a morning tea.

"I'm very excited to be here today and celebrate our partnership with G&P. It's an important milestone for us all, following many years’ journey." said Samuel Steinberg, TRiiiON Founder and Managing Director.

Terry Hickey, Managing Director for G&P added, "One can only admire the kind of passion and endless effort invested in the last couple of years in getting the product to this stage. We wish you all the best of success."

"This is now formally the home of TRiiiON and with that, we're cementing our long partnership with G&P ... We're proud to share the premises and be associated with G&P. Our success will be your success." said Shai Kindler, Co-Founder & Biz-Dev Manager for TRiiiON

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